Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Western countries. The cancer generally appears as changes to existing moles, but it can be hard to distinguish dangerous moles from harmless ones. The SkinVision app looks for patterns in the outlines and dimensions of a mole that make it more likely to be malignant and classes it as high, medium or low risk.

SkinVision is on a mission to save 250.000 lives in the next decade. As its app is quickly developing, there was a strong need for a redesign of the user interface. I joined SkinVision for 4 weeks primarily to redesign the camera, assessment steps, and the overall user experience.


My first aim was to understand the app inside and out through analysis and interviews with experts in algorithm design, developers, and customer support. I followed up with competitor research and an expert review of the current app. We also developed existing personas into empathy maps and hosted a session to map out the customer journey.

In the next phase I created sketches of many screens, the first time user experience, profile, camera use, and the result screens to name a few. Ideas were then validated with developers and product owner, before I created the digital wireframes, visual designs, and eventually the prototype for testing purposes. In the final week I used Lookback for live remote user testing with a varied audience, who were mostly new to SkinVision. In between tests, insights were used to improve the prototype.


Getting to know the domain of skin cancer, medical apps, and the current challenges of SkinVision in a short amount of time. And then creating sketches, designs and prototype, organising the user testing and processing findings. All of this was a lot to do in 4 short weeks … but it was an exciting challenge!


The end result was a validated redesign of the SkinVision app, delivered as a 72 screen prototype including: onboarding, first time user experience, profile, new navigation solution, redesign of the camera, assessment steps (body map, symptoms), the results screen and setting reminders. I very much enjoyed working on such a useful app, with a dedicated team, and with the ability to design the full app experience. I look forward to seeing the implementation come to live in the coming releases.